Public Seminar: Make Kith Not Kin!

Review of Donna Haraway's Manifestly Haraway.

Manifestly Haraway (Donna Haraway with Cary Wolfe)When my daughter was little, we played a game on the way to her preschool called Count the Dog Poo. It was a game about counting, as you would play with any child, but also a game for a little New Yorker, to teach her to watch where she steps. Living in New York, pretty much every day one can expect the pleasure of watching shit extrude out of a dog’s asshole. Hence it is with a certain amusement that I learn from reading Manifestly Haraway(Minnesota 2016) that in California, Donna Haraway picks up her dogs’ poo with the blue plastic wrapper of the New York Times.

Besides a different relation to dogs, I find there’s many ways my sensibility differs in interesting ways from Donna Haraway. 

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Published in: Public Seminar
By: McKenzie Wark