Portland Press Herald: Gifts that nurture the inner and outdoor lives of plant lovers

Book offerings cover the practical, like growing vegetables in a cold climate, and the inspirational, like painting flowers.

Fresh from the Garden (John Whitman)“Fresh from the Garden” offers six pages on carrots, a characteristic entry, with subsections on how carrots grow, where to plant them, soil and moisture, spacing, when to plant, watering, mulching, fertilizing, weeding, thinning, problems, harvesting and storing – and ways to eat them, too. It then lists five basic types of carrots – baby or mini, Chantenay, Danvers, Imperator and Nantes – followed by a detailed listing of 50 varieties.

Other vegetables, herbs and berries get similar treatment, and I can’t see anyone needing more information than that. It’s the perfect gift for the fanatical vegetable grower in your life.

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Published in: Portland Press Herald
By: Tom Atwell