'Portage' transports even a time-hardened paddler

Rochester Post-Bulletin: Sue Leaf has a way of getting down to the nub of why we canoe and the wisdom to be learned from the heat, cold, swamping, easy paddles and fast rapids, both in a canoe and in life.

Portage (Sue Leaf)I will be perfectly honest: I wasn't looking for much from Sue Leaf's new book, "Portage: A family, a canoe and the search for the good life," before beginning to read it.

We have plenty of books on how and where to canoe. Do we need one more? Would it be a long series of oohs and aahs about nature, how they played at being junior voyageurs?

Fortunately, I was really wrong. 

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Published in: Rochester Post-Bulletin
By: John Weiss