Popmatters: Was '60s Sexploitation Cinema More Than Just Pornography?

LEWD LOOKS argues that sexploitation films provided an underground and important bridge between the end of Old Hollywood and the start of something else.

Gorfinkel_Lewd coverThe genre of quick and easy disposable films produced primarily for sexual titillation should not be immediately connected with our current media focus on #metoo and #timesup movements. Nor should they immediately be shelved in the pornographic sections of stores.The genre known as "sexploitation", which writer Elena Gorfinkel carefully documents inLewd Looks: American Sexploitation Cinema in the 1960s, was a by-product of several elements coming together at the same time.

Equal parts cheaply shot salacious nudies, low budget independent cinema with mere germs of artistic credibility, and the result of loosened standards regarding the definition of obscenity in film, the sexploitation cinema became a cottage industry.

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Published in: Popmatters
By: Christopher John Stephens