Popmatters: 80 Best Books of 2018

Includes Evelyne Grossman's THE ANGUISH OF THOUGHT.

The Anguish of Thought (Evelyne Grossman)If you're a writer of literature with a basic working understanding of French theory—like, you can put together three coherent sentences about the main arguments of Derrida and Lacan—then definitely read Evelyne Grossman's The Anguish of Thought. Finally translated into English (by Matthew Cripsey) a decade after its original publication, this book does what French scholars do infinitely better than we ever did it—and in the most challenging way possible. Here we have Derrida, Levinas, Lacan and Foucault applied by this renowned scholar of Artaud to Beckett and Blanchot with such shocking clarity that probably two or three dozen Ph.D. candidates across America should just lay down their pencils now before they embarrass themselves. 


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By: Megan Volpert