Opinion: Are we all Muslim now? Assata Shakur and the Terrordome

Sohail Daulatzai, author of BLACK STAR, CRESCENT MOON, on Muslims and the "war on terror."

daulatzai_black coverAssata Shakur is now a Muslim. Well, she didn't actually convert to Islam. But in the eyes of the United States government where "terrorism" and threats to the state have become synonymous with Islam and Muslims, the recent placement of Assata Shakur on the FBI's "Most Wanted Terrorist List", has for all intents and purposes, made her one.

While her being named to the list shocked many, is it really that surprising, especially when one considers how the "war on terror" has been used as a logic of control to systematically target, undermine and destroy any challenge to the domestic and global realms of US power?

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Published in: Al Jazeera
By: Sohail Daulatzai