MPR News Appetites: Twin Cities home to numerous vibrant farmers markets

MPR talks farmers markets with Beth Dooley, author of MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY.

Dooley_Minnesotas coverTom Crann: I was actually surprised to learn that we have the oldest farmers market, retail market, in continuous operation right here in St. Paul.

Beth Dooley: That's exactly right, and I was astounded when I found out how visionary the founders of St. Paul really were because they wrote a market into the founding documents for the city. They recognized the importance of a farmers market to a community.

Tom Crann: In St. Paul, it goes back to 1852. Minneapolis is not far behind, is it?

Beth Dooley: They're not far behind, but theirs was a wholesale market, not open to retail customers. That's why we see such a difference between the two markets.

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Published in: Minnesota Public Radio
By: Tom Crann