MinnPost: ‘Crusaders’ who reformed state’s psychiatric hospitals highlighted in new book

“What I’m hoping this book will is do give readers an understanding of the people whose shoulders they are standing on, give them a sense of the history of the people who made major accomplishments that are still relevant today.”

Foote_Crusade coverBack in 2013, Susan Bartlett Foote was newly retired and not really looking for anything to occupy her time. Then the project of a lifetime appeared out of nowhere.

Foote, professor emerita at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health, was helping her son clean his closet when a bag of papers fell from a shelf, hitting her on her head. The bag contained a 1940-era scrapbook that her former father-in-law, the late Unitarian minister Arthur Foote, had filled with clippings and writings about statewide efforts to improve care for patients in Minnesota’s seven state-run psychiatric hospitals.

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Published in: MinnPost
By: Andy Steiner