Minnesota Monthly: The Lessons Jessie Diggins Learned

After a triumphant showing in 2018, the Minnesota native will return for more Olympic gold this year—without sacrificing balance.

Travel with Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins on her compelling journey from America’s heartland to international sports history, navigating challenges and triumphs with rugged grit and a splash of glitterAfter her historic win, Diggins used her enhanced platform to campaign for issues near to her heart. In her memoir Brave Enough, published in 2020, she opened up about her struggles with bulimia nervosa. She has since become a spokesperson for the St. Paul-based Emily Program, where she sought treatment for her eating disorder. “My biggest goal with this book was to bring some compassion, understanding, and conversation starters for people around the subject of mental health and specifically eating disorders,” she explained on her blog.

Article at Minnesota Monthly.