Minnesota Monthly: The Humbling Biography of a MN Law Legend

Attorney Roberta Walburn gives a detailed look at the late Miles Lord in her debut biography, the tale of a proudly Minnesotan man who stood up for the underdog.

Miles Lord (Roberta Walburn)Judge Miles Lord: A man who spent his weeks doling out justice to corporate America and his weekends serving up poison-ivy sandwiches to his children, “to build immunity.” He worked his way from a threadbare kid delivering papers on northern Minnesota’s Iron Range to U.S. District Judge with one goal in mind: to be his best self in order to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.

Through a clerkship with Lord, Minneapolis attorney Roberta Walburn got firsthand experience with the judge’s whirlwind, expressive mind. She shares it all in her upcoming biography Miles Lord, a tale of his life chronicled in chapters that alternate with the unfolding of litigation Lord presided over during her clerkship. “He sounded like a preacher as often as he sounded like a judge,” Walburn says. “He very much believed he was his brothers’ and his sisters’ keeper.”

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Published in: Minnesota Monthly
By: Molly O'Brien