Library Journal: The Wedding Heard 'Round the World

By David Azzolina
Library Journal

The Wedding Heard 'Round the World (Michael McConnell and Jack Baker)This charming debut by McConnell and Baker is the story of the first gay marriage legally recognized by a state—their marriage. In the early 1970s, this process was a lot more complicated than it sounds, the legal machinations being very tricky. Though the title suggests this book is about the marriage, and much of it is, this is also the story of the relationship between Michael and Jack over the span of 40 years. What makes them unusual for their time is how public they were in their relationship. Jack became president of the University of Minnesota student body twice and their lives became public once their application for a marriage license made the news. As a result, McConnell’s job offer as a librarian at the University of Minnesota was rescinded.
Verdict The great appeal of McConnell and Baker’s recommended story is its simple style and the everydayness of their lives. Their appeal is how ordinary people can do extraordinary things.