Lake Effect: Photos, interview about Great Lakes storm of 1913

Featuring author Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher_Novembers coverA hundred years ago this week, a nasty storm blew across the Great Lakes - and into history.

The storm was so bad that people considered it a “freshwater hurricane.” It was the deadliest and most destructive storm to hit the Great Lakes.

Dozens of ships - huge freighters - sunk or were stranded on the shore, and more than 250 sailors lost their lives as the storm raged across the waters.

“These boats, the ones that were found, were all upside down, indicating that it was very likely that they were just bowled over," says Kenosha author Michael Schumacher. "We’re not talking about small vessels here, we are talking big vessels.”

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Published in: WUWM's Lake Effect
By: Stephanie Lecci and Mitch Teich