KUMD: Jack and the Ghost

Interview with Chan Poling and Lucy Michell, author and illustrator of Jack and the Ghost

A gothic, lyrical evocation of a shipwreck, ghosts, and lost—and found—love in a North Shore town

You might expect the partnership of Chan Poling (The  Suburbs, The New Standards) and Lucy Michell (Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles) to produce a musical - or at least an album.

But instead, they've produced a picture book.

Fellow musician Jeremy Messersmith says:

Jack and the Ghost is a gorgeously illustrated meditation on grief and loss, a poignant reminder to not let the ghosts of the past control the present.

Chan Poling says it's not a picture book for children, it's a children's book for adults, who, he hopes will find themselves in a flood of "beautiful tears" at the end.


Listen to the whole interview.