KPCC interview with Wendy Cheng: What's the link between identity and place?

Video of the Family Forum event in January 2013.

cheng_thechangs coverOn Thursday, January 30, KPCC Immigration and Emerging Communities reporter Leslie Berestein Rojas and author Wendy Cheng came together at The Crawford Family Forum to talk about Cheng's latest book, The Changs Next Door to the Diazes: Remapping Race in Suburban California.

What's the relationship between identity and place? Where does the West San Gabriel Valley sit in the context of changing landscapes? And does SoCal’s SGV – given the nation’s increasingly racially mixed population – provide insights into how individual and group identities may form, change, and sustain themselves in the future? This program will address these and other questions through a mix of conversation and A/V.

Watch here.

Published in: KPCC
By: Leslie Berestein Rojas