Kirkus Reviews: The Streel

Review of The Streel by Mary Logue

From “the reigning royalty of Minnesota murder mysteries” (The Rake) comes a striking new heroine: a young Irish immigrant caught up in a deadly plot in nineteenth-century Deadwood

Logue kicks off a new series with a compelling narrative of Irish immigration, determination, and murder in 1887.Fifteen-year-old Brigid Reardon and her 16-year-old brother, Seamus, reluctantly leave Ireland for the United States, forced out by the potato famine. At sea they meet Paddy and Billy Hennessy, who save Brigid from being raped by the steerage captain. Once they reach New York, the three boys take jobs with the railroad, and Brigid takes one at a boardinghouse. When the boys end up working a gold claim in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, Seamus sends Brigid money to go to St. Paul, where she takes up a much better position with the wealthy Hunt family, who treat her well. The son of the house, Charles Hunt, is strikingly attractive and dangerous to women, and his improper attentions force Brigid to seek a home with Seamus in Deadwood.


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