KAXE: It's the time of year for baking and The Great MN Cookie Book

Full of recipes to warm our kitchens and hearts.

The Great Minnesota Cookie Book (Lee Svitak Dean and Rick Nelson)With this year’s extra-cold Minnesota fall, many of us have already had a hankering to turn on our ovens and bake. Just in time, Lee Svitak Dean and Rick Nelson have published The Great Minnesota Cookie Book: Award-winning recipes from the Star Tribune’s holiday cookie contest. It is full of recipes to warm our kitchens and hearts.

Star Tribune columnist/reporter Rick Nelson recently spoke with Northern Community Radio’s Maggie Montgomery and Katie Carter about his new book and told us about the history of the cookie contest that inspired it:

“In 2003, for some reason I had discovered the Taste archive, which has a copy of every issue of Taste that’s been published since October 1969 when the section debuted. They were in all of these boxes, and I started unearthing all the boxes and I was so fascinated by the way the section looked and the way the section read in the 70s and the 80s. There were so many reader interaction components to it which we don’t have today, in part because of the web.

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By: Maggie Montgomery