Kare 11: The Spoonriver Cookbook's lentil and mint salad recipe

Brenda Langton, author of THE SPOONRIVER COOKBOOK, chats with Belinda Jensen on Kare 11.

Langton_Spoonriver coverGOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Local organic dining pioneer and author Brenda Langton and co-author Margaret Stuart introduced their new cookbook to KARE 11 Saturday, The Spoonriver Cookbook.

The Spoonriver Cookbook is both a tribute to Langton's popular Spoonriver restaurant and the Mill City Farmers Market. The book is receiving high praise from local foodies, doctors, and authors, and is available at local bookstores for $34.95.

Langton will be introducing her book on May 10 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, on May 16 at Magers & Quinn in Uptown, and on June 7 at the Mill City Museum.

They share a lentil and mint salad recipe, both rich in taste and nutrients, below. Langton and Stuart recommend serving this salad on a bed of lettuce with bread for a complete meal.

Watch the video and get the recipe.

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