In These Times Rural America: Wild Mares excerpt

Wild Mares: My Lesbian Back-to-the-Land Life excerpt by Dianna Hunter.

Wild Mares (Dianna Hunter)Our life at Haidiya Farm felt highly entertaining at times, and like life at Cushing, Minn., it conjured an era before indoor plumbing and the electrical grid. Mostly I liked that about it and often thought I should have been born to the early 20th century instead of the frenzied, stressed-out, atomic second half of it. I’ve always sought quiet and solace in nature. Even as a little girl, I went alone to wild spaces: the woods along the river near my grandparents’ home, a slough of grass and brush near our house, and the knobby prairie hills that rose around Minot, N.D., from the river valley. I slipped away to those hills as often as I could. In spring, I found wild crocus and cactus amid patches of snow, and I learned that if you settled into a little depression, protected from the wind, you could stay warmed by the sun and watch the clouds shifting shapes while time melted toward oblivion. 

At Haidiya Farm, I rediscovered the feral self I had nearly lost in the Twin Cities.

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By: Dianna Hunter