Huffington Post: Before The Marriage Equality Movement, These Lesbians Were Targeting Children In School Yards

Features EATING FIRE by Kelly Cogswell.

Cogswell_Eating cover[Excerpt]

Times have certainly changed. Back in 1992, a radical activist group called the Lesbian Avengers staged a demonstration in front of a schoolyard in Queens, N.Y., handing kids balloons instructing them to "ask about lesbian lives." The flyers that they posted around the neighborhood carried a far less anodyne message than Freedom to Marry's: "The lesbian avengers are coming to make the world safe for baby dykes everywhere."

The Lesbian Avengers are the focus of a new memoir by one of the group's founding members, Kelly Cogswell. She waxes nostalgic for the radicalism of the era, and like many of her contemporaries, laments the gay rights movement's embrace of conservative mainstream ideals.

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Published in: Huffington Post
By: Lila Shapiro