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Brown County Library article features BORDER COUNTRY.

Phillips_Border coverHoward Greene, a Milwaukee businessman, together with his friends and sons, explored Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Canada on camping expeditions. Beginning in the summer of 1906 and ending in 1916, for several weeks each year, this group would explore the waterways and wilderness in wood and canvas canoes from the Wisconsin River to the Pigeon River and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Greene was the journalist and photographer on these voyages, creating bound journals of each trip for every participant after they came back home. They camped with floorless tents, bedrolls and woolen clothes. Greene’s journals, detailing their daily activities, Native American encounters, campsites and adventures now live in the Wisconsin Historical Society but have been reproduced for this handsome volume, compiled by his daughter. Wisconsin history buffs won’t want to miss out on firsthand experience from the turn of the century.

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Published in: Green Bay Press Gazette
By: Brown County Library