Great review of the "truly interdisciplinary" Reading Writing Interfaces in Image & Narrative

Review of Lori Emerson's book.

Reading Writing Interfaces by Lori EmersonReading Writing Interfaces is an important contribution to a great number of key issues in digital humanities, media studies, literary theory as well as media archeology, by the founder and director of the MAL (Media Archeology Lab) at the University of Colorado at Boulder. A truly interdisciplinary work, this book takes as its starting point the notion of interface, which it examines from a cultural rather than from a technological point of view. In this regard, it continues the challenging analysis of the screen as interface as introduced by Lev Manovich in his study The Language of New Media, yet giving it an even larger definition than in Manovich’s study or in more specific research on interfaces such as the one by Florian Cramer.

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Published in: Image & Narrative
By: Jan Baetens