Great Lakes Echo: What does the Great Storm of 1913 mean to the identity of the Great Lakes?

Interview with Michael Schumacher, author of NOVEMBER'S FURY.

schumacher_november'sGLE: There have been quite a few books written about the Great Storm of 1913. What did you feel you could add to the historical conversation with “November’s Fury”?

MS: “For one, there were some old documents that I used from the Marine Review of 1914. It took a lot of looking and digging to find some of this information. I mean, I also used sources that have been used before, but some of these were harder to find.

“Another thing is the photos we used. There are some of the most amazing photos we were able to use in this book… My purpose here in writing the book was because it was a while since a book had came out, and it’s a storm that needs to be remembered, because our confidence never wavered. Back then, sailors had a certain sense of confidence – that maybe they shouldn’t have had – and this storm reminded them just who’s in charge here. It isn’t the shipping company or the captain. It’s nature. Nature will win.”

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Published in: Great Lakes Echo
By: Becky McKendry