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"Atina Diffley is the neighbor we didn’t know we had!"

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Atina Diffley is the neighbor we didn’t know we had! Her new book, Turn Here Sweet Corn, is heart-felt, heart-warming, heart-stopping, and in the end heart-soaring!

Her story of the challenges and rewards of organic farming at Gardens of Eagan is full of places and people we know, Wisconsin and Minnesota landscapes we’ve lived in and traveled through, and friends we’ve met along the way.

That said, whether you’re from the upper Midwest, New England, California, or someplace in between, you’ll love Turn Here Sweet Corn!

Ms. Diffley is clearly a poet speaking from her heart and yet she has a steel backbone when it comes to meeting the challenges of nature, changing land use, and encroachment by the world’s most notorious polluters, Koch Industries.

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