Foreword Reviews: The Lost Brothers

Review of The Lost Brothers by Jack El-Hai

The dread, the drama, and the hope of a break in one of the country’s oldest active missing-child investigations

Kenneth, David, and Danny Klein went to play at a park mere blocks from their home, but they never returned. A police investigation concluded that the brothers drowned in the nearby Mississippi River, despite the fact that no bodies were ever found. Almost 70 years later, the case remains haunting and unsolved, a harrowing mystery without a final chapter.

This brief and compassionate book delivers a portrait of the boys’ parents, as well as of their older brother, who did not accompany the boys to the park and who suffered from survivor’s guilt. Through the decades, the Klein family struggled to carry on and remain optimistic. The boys’ mother clung to the hope of a reunion, imagining herself welcoming her sons back and never questioning who had taken them, insisting that “God forgives and so can we.”


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