Flavorwire Exclusive: Read Excerpts From F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Teenage Diary

By Jason Diamond

Fitzgerald_Thoughtbook coverAccording to many of the numerous biographies written about him, F. Scott Fitzgerald was handy with a pen even as a youngster, and his adoring mother, noticing her baby boy’s intelligence, made sure that his talent was fostered even if it meant spending beyond the Fitzgeralds’ means.

Starting a month before his 14th birthday in 1910, Fitzgerald began to write his Thoughbook, a memoir of sorts, documenting his daily life and thoughts as a teenager growing up in prewar St. Paul, Minnesota.

Published by the University of Minnesota Press, The Thoughtbook of F. Scott Fitzgerald offers a rare glimpse into the early mind of one of America’s greatest literary figures. We’re excited to present you with these exclusive excerpts from the book.

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