Ending the World as We Know It: An Interview with Andrew Culp

Interview with the author of DARK DELEUZE.

Dark Deleuze (Andrew Culp)Deleuze suggests that any worthwhile book must have three things: a polemic against an error, a recovery of something forgotten, and an innovation. Proceeding along those three lines, I first argue against those who worship Deleuze as the patron saint of affirmation, second I rehabilitate the negative that already saturates his work, and third I propose something he himself was not capable of proposing, a “hatred for this world.” So in an odd twist of Marx on history, I begin with those who hold up Deleuze as an eternal optimist, yet not to stand on their shoulders but to topple the church of affirmation.

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Published in: Boundary 2 online
By: Alexander R. Galloway and Andrew Culp