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Discorder reviews Paul Metsa's memoir BLUE GUITAR HIGHWAY.

Metsa_BlueBlue Guitar Highway is an autobiography by Minneapolis, MN folk/blues musician Paul Metsa. A legend of sorts in his home state, Metsa has earned a living as a professional musician for close to 40 years. In his book, the seasoned songwriter reflects on a series of well-received recordings and memories of thousands of shows in every imaginable venue, from pool halls and biker bars, to Neil Young’s star-studded Farm Aid.

If Seattle was the centre of the rock ‘n’ roll universe in the early ‘90s, Minneapolis had its own galactic-sized pull during the mid-’80s, with the Replacements and Hüsker Dü leading a burgeoning scene of post-punk and d.i.y. acts. Metsa came of age in this scene, although his path has continued to down a more traditional singer/songwriter blues and folk route. In the decades since, he’s held extended stopovers in Los Angeles and even remote Russia.

Published in: Discorder
By: Matthew Granlund

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