CNN: Labeling South Africa turmoil 'xenophobia' scapegoats poor blacks

Author Cawo Abdi ('Elusive Jannah', Fall 2015) discusses anti-migrant violence in South Africa.

(CNN)As we approach April 27 when South Africa marks the anniversary of the first post-apartheid elections held that day in 1994, we are faced with yet another wave of deadly attacks against African migrants. Outrage triggered by this violence is being heard loudly throughout social media with "#WeAreAfrica" showcasing the need for a common front against this affront.

These recurring attacks against migrants and their property might be read as one more indication of how the rainbow nation's dream has faltered. That vision not only symbolized a multi-ethnic South Africa, but one where living in dignity is shared across racial and class lines.

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Published in: CNN
By: Cawo Abdi