Bookkaholic: No Saints around Here

Review of Susan Allen Toth's book.

No Saints Around Here by Susan Allen TothI’m sure I must be one of Susan Allen Toth’s biggest fans. In the months before I first journeyed to England for my junior year abroad, I devoured her trilogy of travel books: My Love Affair with England, England as You Like It, and England for All Seasons. The series invites you to discover some of her favorite off-the-beaten-path destinations and presents her unique travel philosophy: limit yourself to a one-inch square of a small-scale Ordnance Survey map and, rather than trying to dash all around the country, explore and appreciate just that one area as thoroughly as possible. Though the books came out between 1992 and 1997, they certainly don’t feel dated; the only thing that has changed significantly is the prices for tourist attractions. Whether you’ve never been to England or know it like the back of your hand, you’ll enjoy reading Toth’s sympathetic retelling of her adventures.

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By: Rebecca Foster