Australian Art Review on Denise Green biography

Australian Art Review

green_denise coverHow do you forge and sustain an international career as a painter (develop a personal language, survive economic ups and downs, secure exhibitions, attract collectors) and — here’s the tricky bit — do it alone, outside the gallery system? Welcome to the world of Denise Green, Australian abstract artist-in-America.
Her latest book covers just such a life. Part autobiography, part multiauthored biography, it reviews forty years of evolution in the career of the artist. Green is candid about family tensions, artistic struggles and decisions, and the need to reshape her career as her vision evolved and circumstances changed. She discusses the mentors, the networking and friends won and lost.

There are chapters by prominent critics and curators giving an insight into her work and creating a historical perspective. Green’s interview with Kerry Stokes, who owns several of her paintings, is included and there is reference to the curator John Stringer’s influence on both the artist and Stokes as collector.

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