Art + Music + Technology: Trace Reddell

A groundbreaking approach to sound in sci-fi films offers new ways of construing both sonic innovation and science fiction cinema.

The Sound of Things to Come (Trace Reddell)One of the more influential people in my adult life has been Trace Reddell: he was a professor in the Media program at University of Denver when I was there, and he opened my head to thinking about music, sound and video in a new way. His Expanded Cinema class rewired my brain for visuals, and his Technicians of Space series helped my understand the connection between many different kinds of musical production.


In this chat, we dive into his explorations into sci-fi sound - going way deeper than the typical "The Barrons did it..." approach. Whether you are talking about the musical scores developed by Vangelis, or the sound of a character that helps it seem alien - all of these sounds are subject to review and understanding.


This was a great talk with an academic that is also a friend. I hope that you enjoy listening to our chat. Cheers!


Listen here.

Published in: Art + Music + Technology
By: Darwin Grosse