Areavoices blog/Fargo Forum reviews Through No Fault of My Own

By Diana Schirmer
Areavoices blog/Fargo Forum

I’m not terribly nosy by nature. I don’t (often) eavesdrop on others’ conversations; I don’t delight in the details of strangers’ dramas; and I certainly don’t go around reading other peoples’ diaries.

Well, that is, until I picked up Clotilde Irvine’s.

No, you probably haven’t heard of her. She was the daughter of lumber baron Horace H. Irvine and enjoyed a life of affluence on St. Paul’s Summit Avenue. Perhaps her only claim to fame is having provided the name for a servant in Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise­, which he wrote when living down the road (and this is only speculation)

But one thing Clotilde Irvine did do was record an entire year of her life from 1927-1928, the year she turned thirteen.

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