Anything but bland: Beatrice Ojakangas on 'Breakfast with Beatrice'

Scandinavia is known for many things — cross-country skiing, wool sweaters, blond hair and ABBA. But, perhaps unfairly, the foods of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland are stereotyped as slightly uninspired, white and bland. "It's not bland!" says Beatrice Ojakangas. "Maybe it's the way we've started to prepare it lately, but it's real, natural, good food, and it is so tasty."

Breakfast with Beatrice (Beatrice Ojakangas)Ojakangas is not Norwegian, but 100 percent Finnish. Nonetheless, her cookbook, which is available in Fargo at Zandbroz Variety and Barnes and Noble, features recipes from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. And she has friends who go all out for Syttende Mai.

"They put out a great big spread — salmon and cheeses," she said. "Friends of ours even have a parade and wave Norwegian flags."

Ojakangas said whether it's a holiday like Syttende Mai or any day of the week, breakfast can be party time, and her new book can provide the recipes.

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Published in: Fargo Forum
By: Tracy Briggs