Academic freedom with violence.

Authors Roderick A. Ferguson and Jodi Melamed respond to threats to academic freedom.

chatterjee_imperial coverIf we believe the waning coverage of the American Studies Association’s resolution in the popular press, we would say that the controversy has been retired, and fresher news-items have taken its place. But news cycles have never been tools to measure the importance or duration of a discourse, and they aren’t going to start now. In fact, a discourse has emerged around the legitimacy of knowledge and critique that has to be addressed, a discourse that has gained and will continue to gain footing because it surrounds the issue of whether or not we can bear collective witness to the Palestinian situation. To understand that discourse—its itineraries and its anatomy—we would do well to revisit recent events that may seem residual but are actually still quite dominant.

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Published in: Mondoweiss
By: Roderick A. Ferguson and Jodi Melamed