A picture perfect book for vacation reading

Review of Mary Casanova's Wake Up, Island: "A picture book worth the investment."

Poetic language leads the reader through the early summer morning on a wooded island. As the sun rises, nature awakes. Ducks take flight, deer drink at the lake's shore, spiders begin their daily task of weaving a new web. A heron, ravens, squirrels and even bear and moose enjoy a breakfast in the crisp air of this northern forest. The last creature to stir is a small child, anxious to embark on the day's adventure.

Nick Wroblewski's rustic woodcuts capture the texture of fur, feather and blade. Muted greens and browns emphasize the quiet and peacefulness of nature. This simple, charming book would make a lovely gift.

Review posted at MercatorNet.

Published in: MercatorNet
By: Jennifer Minicus