“There was something about that song. Something about Cloud Cult.”

Kevin Krein from Southern Minn Scene's detailed article on Mark Allister's book 'Chasing the Light: The Cloud Cult Story'.

Chasing the Light by Mark AllisterBecause I apparently like to listen to music, people often suggest to me bands or albums that I should check out. More often than not, I don’t do it—partly because I am a self-absorbed jerk, and I don’t want somebody else’s questionable taste infringing on my own.

Also, I don’t have all the time in the world to sit around listening to everything that is pushed my way.

 If I am given a suggestion of something to check out, I usually respond with, “I’ll take it under advisement.” If that person ever follows up with me, and I never got around to listening, or even thinking about listening, I will say, “Yeah, I haven’t really absorbed that one yet.”

As a professor of both English and Environmental Studies at St. Olaf College, Mark Allister first heard of the band Cloud Cult around seven years ago. It was some of his students that suggested he should listen to the band, if not for their music, at least for their renowned ethics, something that is practically unheard of within the music industry.

And much like myself Allister neglected to take his student’s advice.


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Published in: SouthernMinn.com
By: Kevin Krein