1913 hurricane laid a trail of destruction across the Great Lakes

Michael Schumacher talks about the epic storm that is the subject of his book NOVEMBER'S FURY.

schumacher_november'sThough we all remember the 2010 "once in a lifetime" storm that caused terrible flooding around the Milwaukee area, few of us have seen anything like the dramatic 1913 Great Lakes hurricane, which toppled ships, killed hundreds sailors – and folks on shore, too – from Lake Superior and Lake Michigan to Lake Huron.

Thanks to Milwaukee author Michael Schumacher – whose 12 books range from stories to shipwrecks to biographies of famous folks to works on beat poet Allen Ginsberg – we can learn more about the four-day storm that raged through the Great Lakes, including Milwaukee, in November 1913.

Schumacher's book, "November's Fury: The Deadly Great Lakes Hurricane of 1913," is published in hardcover by the University of Minnesota Press and hits bookshops in October. But we got the chance to ask him about the book – and the storm – early.

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Published in: OnMilwaukee.com
By: Bobby Tanzilo