15 with the Author: Vacationland

In which Sarah Stonich challenges the stale stereotypes of Minnesotans.

Stonich_Vacationland coverThis week Teri talks with: Sarah Stonich, Minnesota author of “Vacationland”.  The story is set at a place called Naledi Lodge “up north”.  Only 2 cabins still stand with most of the pathways trodden only by memories now.  You meet Meg who grew up there under her grandfather’s care in a world apart and a lifetime ago.  “Vacationland” challenges the stale stereotypes of Minnesotans, portraying the women as strong, yes, though not all the men are good-looking or the children above average!  Here, the true character of Northern Minnesota runs deep and indirect as the veins of ore beneath its surface.

Listen here.

Published in: 15 with the Author
By: Teri Knight