15 with the Author: Minnesota's Bounty

An interview with Beth Dooley.

Dooley_Minnesotas coverJoin, me, Teri Knight each Monday at 11am for “15 with the Author”.  For 15 minutes each week, I’ll open the cover of a different book and get an inside peek with the author.  Expect an eclectic variety covering a multitude of genres.

This week Teri talks with: Beth Dooley; chef, farmer’s market aficionado and author of “Minnesota’s Bounty – the Farmers Market Cookbook”.  Beth gives us the history of farmers markets, the trend, the aromas, the scents  and lots more including tips on how to shop the markets.  Oh and there’s the recipes!  From beer nuts to a blueberry cobbler and veggies of all kinds.  Beth also has recipes for meats and dairy.  Check out her website Beth Dooley.

Listen here.

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By: Teri Knight