15 with the author: Lake Superior Flavors, just in time for vacation

Teri Knight of KYMN interviews author James Norton.

Norton_Lake coverJust in time for vacations, Teri Knight interviews James Norton, author of “Lake Superior Flavors – a field guide to food and drink along the circle tour”.  Norton brings the food and characters of the shore to life with his descriptions of delectable fare along the road. His wife, Becca Dilley supplies the wonderful photographs capturing the food, the scenery and the people.  If you’re a foodie and thinking of a road trip, listen at 11am on today’s 15 with the Author and consider a culinary tour of Lake Superior with it’s vast cultural influences.  Norton and Dilley blog about all things food at Heavy Table


Published in: KYMN | Northfield's Radio Station
By: Teri Knight