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Preservation Education & Research
Editors: Paul Hardin Kapp and Emily Bergeron, Editors

PER: Preservation Education and Research, Journal of NCPE

Call for Papers: Articles and Book Reviews (PER, Vol. 14)

PER, Preservation Education and Research, The Journal of the National Council for Preservation Education, is accepting articles and book reviews to be published in Issue, Volume 14 in November 2022.

Articles run between 4,500-6,000 words and include no more than 15 high quality images; all articles are blind peer-reviewed. Articles should discuss important and emerging topics in historic preservation and in historic preservation education. They should demonstrate a mastery and dexterity over scholarly literature in historic preservation, architecture, architectural conservation, history, public history, and allied fields. Articles should also present work based on scholarly research methods, field work, and utilize primary sources of the subject, when possible. Authors are encouraged to present ideas that go beyond describing a particular subject; instead, they should present new ideas and different ways of approaching issues pertaining to preserving the built environment.

Authors should follow PER guidelines:  

All manuscripts and accompanying material must be uploaded to the PER Review Site:

The deadline for submitting an article manuscript to be considered for publication in PER Vol. 14 is 22 April 2022 at 11:59 PM.

PER Book Reviews

PER reviews books on historic preservation in all its facets. Reviews should include a description of the book’s contents and the reviewer’s critical assessment of how it contributes to the body of knowledge in historic preservation. Reviewers are free to express their opinions but the book review editor retains the right of rejection. Reviews should not exceed no more than 1,500 words. 

Book reviews are solicited by the PER book review editor. If you wish for a book to be reviewed in PER, please contact the editor. The PER book editor also welcomes qualified reviewers to review books.

If you have any questions about submitting to PER, please contact the editor or the book review editor.

Paul Hardin Kapp, PER Editor,

Emily Bergeron, PER Book Review Editor,

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