Outsiders Within: Writing on Transracial Adoption Outsiders Within Writing on Transracial Adoption Jane Jeong Trenka, Julia Chinyere Oparah and Sun Yung Shin, Editors 2020 Fall
Confronting trauma behind the transnational adoption system—now back in print
Training for Catastrophe: Fictions of National Security after 9/11 Training for Catastrophe Fictions of National Security after 9/11 Lindsay Thomas 2021 Spring
A timely, politically savvy examination of how impossible disasters shape the very real possibilities of our world
Lost Souls Lost Souls Honoré de Balzac 2020 Fall
The first new translation of Balzac’s 1847 novel Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes in half a century, fully annotated and with an extensive introduction
Contingent Figure: Chronic Pain and Queer Embodiment Contingent Figure Chronic Pain and Queer Embodiment Michael D. Snediker 2021 Spring
A masterful synthesis of literary readings and poetic reflections, making profound contributions to our understanding of chronic pain
Black Queer Flesh: Rejecting Subjectivity in the African American Novel Black Queer Flesh Rejecting Subjectivity in the African American Novel Alvin J. Henry 2020 Fall
A groundbreaking examination of how twentieth-century African American writers use queer characters to challenge and ultimately reject subjectivity
Nils Nils Ingri d’Aulaire and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire 2021 Spring
A loving tale of a boy who dreams of becoming a cowboy while also embracing his Norwegian heritage
Olav Audunssøn: I. Vows Olav Audunssøn I. Vows Sigrid Undset 2020 Fall
The initial volume in the Nobel Prize–winning author’s tumultuous, epic story of medieval Norway—the first new English translation in nearly a century
Radioactive Ghosts Radioactive Ghosts Gabriele Schwab 2020 Fall
A pioneering examination of nuclear trauma, the continuing and new nuclear peril, and the subjectivities they generate
Undiscovered Country: A Novel Undiscovered Country A Novel Lin Enger 2020 Fall
Now in paperback—a bold reinvention of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and a hair-bristling story of betrayal, revenge, and the possibilities of forgiveness
Infrastructures of Apocalypse: American Literature and the Nuclear Complex Infrastructures of Apocalypse American Literature and the Nuclear Complex Jessica Hurley 2020 Fall
A new approach to the vast nuclear infrastructure and the apocalypses it produces, focusing on Black, queer, Indigenous, and Asian American literatures
Wolf Island: Discovering the Secrets of a Mythic Animal Wolf Island Discovering the Secrets of a Mythic Animal L. David Mech 2020 Fall
The world’s leading wolf expert describes the first years of a major study that transformed our understanding of one of nature’s most iconic creatures
The Range Eternal The Range Eternal Louise Erdrich 2020 Fall
The story of a girlhood lived in the glow of a woodstove from one of the country’s most distinguished and beloved authors, now back in print
Capture: American Pursuits and the Making of a New Animal Condition Capture American Pursuits and the Making of a New Animal Condition Antoine Traisnel 2020 Fall
Reading canonical works of the nineteenth century through the modern transformation of human–animal relations
Swede Hollow: A Novel Swede Hollow A Novel Ola Larsmo 2020 Fall
A riveting family saga immersed in the gritty, dark side of Swedish immigrant life in America in the early twentieth century
The Wedding Heard ’Round the World: America’s First Gay Marriage The Wedding Heard ’Round the World America’s First Gay Marriage Michael McConnell 2020 Fall
Forty-four years after two men married in a legal ceremony in Minnesota, the Supreme Court has decided the question first raised by these gay pioneers