Reading De Man Reading Reading De Man Reading Wlad Godzich and Lindsay Waters, Editors 1989 Spring
Thirteen essays address de Man’s theory and practice of reading, including the nature of those readings and what they signify for reading in general, not just for literary texts. "Accomplishes the goal of insisting on the continuing importance of de Man's work for literary studies." --American Book Review
The Differend: Phrases in Dispute The Differend Phrases in Dispute Jean-François Lyotard 1989 Spring
“This work is of vital importance in a period when revisionism of all stripes attempts to rewrite, and often simply deny, the occurrence of historical and cultural events, i.e. in attempting to reconstruct ‘reality’ in the convenient names of ‘truth’ and ‘common sense.’” French Review
In One Act In One Act Adrienne Kennedy 1988 Fall
Includes eight one-act plays.
The Passion according to G.H. The Passion according to G.H. Clarice Lispector 1988 Fall
A novel combining elements of the Brazilian literary tradition with feminist and literary theory.
Social Figures: George Eliot, Social History, and Literary Representation Social Figures George Eliot, Social History, and Literary Representation Daniel Cottom 1987 Spring
Centers on the discourse of the liberal intellectual as exemplified in the novels of George Eliot, whose awareness of her aesthetic and social task was keener than that of most Victorian writers.
The Unremarkable Wordsworth The Unremarkable Wordsworth Geoffrey H. Hartman 1987 Spring
Fifteen essays draw upon a wide range of contemporary theoretical approaches, from psychoanalysis to structuralism, from deconstruction to phenomenology. ". . . in teaching us to read Wordsworth it teaches us how to read." --The Wordsworth Circle
From Topic to Tale: Logic and Narrativity in the Middle Ages From Topic to Tale Logic and Narrativity in the Middle Ages Eugene Vance 1987 Spring
Shows how a rhetorical tradition was transformed into a textual one and ends with a discussion of the relationship between discourse and society.
Romantic Vision, Ethical Context: Novalis and Artistic Autonomy Romantic Vision, Ethical Context Novalis and Artistic Autonomy Géza von Molnar 1987 Spring
Exploring the full range of Novalis's (the pen name of the German poet and philosopher Friedrich von Hardenberg) work, von Molnar shows how he dealt, in theory and practice, with a central issue in Romanticism-the emerging concept of the autonomous self and its relation.
Selected Plays, Volume I Selected Plays, Volume I August Strindberg 2012 Fall
A collection of six of Strindberg’s best plays spanning his “pre-inferno” period
Questing Fictions: Latin America’s Family Romance Questing Fictions Latin America’s Family Romance Djelal Kadir 1986 Fall
Analyzes 20th-century Latin American fiction in the light of contemporary literary theory and focuses on the predicament of writers caught between the cultural domination of Europe and the need to strive for cultural autonomy.
Vengeance of the Victim: History and Symbol in Giorgio Bassani’s Fiction Vengeance of the Victim History and Symbol in Giorgio Bassani’s Fiction Marilyn Schneider 1986 Fall
The Resistance to Theory The Resistance to Theory Paul de Man 1986 Fall
Explores reasons why the theoretical enterprise is blind to, or “resists,” the radical nature of reading, in six essays that offer a new level of critical and cultural understanding in reference to the works of Jauss, Riffaterre, Benjamin, and Bakhtin.
Literature Among Discourses: The Spanish Golden Age Literature Among Discourses The Spanish Golden Age Wlad Godzich and Nicholas Spadaccini, Editors 1986 Fall
The Newly Born Woman The Newly Born Woman Helene Cixous and Catherine Clement 1986 Spring
Published in France as Le jeune née in 1975, and found here in its first English translation, The Newly Born Woman is a landmark text of the modern feminist movement. In it, Hélène Cixous and Catherine Clément put forward the concept of écriture feminine, exploring the ways women’s sexuality and unconscious shape their imaginary, their language, and their writing. Through their readings of historical, literary, and psychoanalytic accounts, Cixous and Clément explore what is hidden and repressed in culture, revealing the unconscious of history.
Heterologies: Discourse on the Other Heterologies Discourse on the Other Michel de Certeau 1986 Spring
Sixteen essays that illustrate the author’s work in the fields of history, literary studies and psychoanalysis.