Curious Minnesota: Where did suburban streetcar lines run and why were they removed?

By Katy Read
Star Tribune

See the city as it once was—a pictorial history of the trolleys that traversed Twin Cities neighborhoods.A hun­dred years ago, you could get from Minneapolis to Excelsior as quick­ly as that 18-mile trip takes today at rush hour — about 45 min­utes — but in­stead of fum­ing in grid­lock, you'd breeze along, gaz­ing at fields and trees from a street­car.

From the late 1800s to the 1930s, streetcars were the pri­mary mode of trav­el with­in Minneapolis and St. Paul, but also east to Stillwater, Bayport and White Bear Lake and west to Lake Minnetonka.

Streetcars brought to­gether peo­ple of all socio­eco­no­mic class­es, said John Diers, co-au­thor with Aaron Isaacs of "Twin Cities by Trol­ley: The Street­car Era in Minneapolis and St. Paul."

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