Tracy_Search coverThe University of Minnesota Press is giving away a copy of The Search for the Homestead Treasure by Ann Treacy.

Fourteen-year-old Martin Gunnarsson is trying to hold his family together on the homestead where his ancestors died of diphtheria in 1865. Somehow rumors of a treasure on the farm survived, and when Martin discovers Aunt Cora’s journal in a musty trunk in the hayloft, he thinks it might give him a clue. But what exactly is he looking for? 

"Here is a real treasure. Authentic and beautifully told, The Search for the Homestead Treasure weaves together the endearing story of an unlikely friendship with a compelling and intriguing mystery."—Margi Preus, author of Enchantment Lake

 "Martin is a quiet character who will not let go of my heart! While his story is one bound in family and history, his struggles and grit will speak to every modern young reader who knows loss and heartbreak."—Helen Hemphill, author of The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones

This giveaway expires July 14, 2016.

Winners will be notified by July 15, 2016. Names and addresses will not be shared. Please with any questions. Thank you!