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Book reviews collection for homepage

The best new cookbooks for summer meals
Featuring BREAKFAST WITH BEATRICE by Beatrice Ojakangas.
Boston Globe: Lemon Jail
Over the years, Boston has been friendly to many upstart rock bands, notably the Velvet Underground, who were a mainstay at the Tea Party in the ’60s, and U2, whose first foray to America brought them to the Paradise in 1980. The Hub was also home away from home for the Replacements, according to a new book by the band’s longtime roadie and unofficial fifth member, Bill Sullivan, who says the misfits from Minneapolis felt like they belonged in Boston.
Isthmus: A mesmerizing story
Peters’ scholarly, yet accessible, prose takes readers into the shadowy corners of Minneapolis and the sinister mind of a “man without a soul,” as Hayward was deemed. This sordid tale is packed with mesmerism, psychopathy, spiritualism, yellow journalism and capital punishment.
"An unusual and rather good memoir"
The Arctic is the front line of climate change. Because of global weather patterns, heat accumulates at the poles and the climate is changing twice as fast in the Arctic. The consequences are stark, and The Right to be Cold details them in this striking personal account of environmentalism in the North.
Searching for 'utopia' in 'Wild Mares'
A worthwhile look at non-traditional 20th century farming, and at Midwestern lesbian history.
Reading Matters: Add these to your summer list
Margi Preus’s burgeoning series promises to satisfy the cravings of young “whodunit” fans.
WTIP: Cary Griffith
Author Cary Griffith stopped by The Roadhouse and spoke with WTIP's Jay Andersen about his recently published book Gunflint Burning. The book is a comprehensive account of the dramatic events surrounding the Ham Lake fire of 2007. Griffith talks about where he got the inspiration to write this book, as well as the writing process.
Anything but bland: Beatrice Ojakangas on 'Breakfast with Beatrice'
Scandinavia is known for many things — cross-country skiing, wool sweaters, blond hair and ABBA. But, perhaps unfairly, the foods of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland are stereotyped as slightly uninspired, white and bland. "It's not bland!" says Beatrice Ojakangas. "Maybe it's the way we've started to prepare it lately, but it's real, natural, good food, and it is so tasty."
Pioneer Press: Memoir chronicles woman’s life as a lesbian on the land
Dreams fulfilled, partly fulfilled and lost by women who wanted to do things their way — on the land and together — is the theme of Dianna Hunter’s memoir “Wild Mares: My Lesbian Back-to-the-Land Life”.
Star Tribune: Gunflint Burning
A riveting account of the Ham Lake Fire — a disaster that didn't have to happen.
Foreword Reviews: Iron and Water
Grant Merritt’s enthralling story is a model for activists everywhere.
Talking Headways Podcast: How Media Has Shaped the City
We talk about why the perfect future interface humans are looking for does not exist, and how digital mapping can overlook important aspects of the urban spatial landscape.
Leonardo: Brouhaha
A very timely book that luckily got translated relatively quick so that it can find a wider audience.
Leonardo: Bioaesthetics
An excellent introduction to an aesthetics that intends to overcome speculative theories of art and philosophy without disregarding context and history.
Star Tribune: Breakfast gets the spotlight in new cookbook from Duluth kitchen master
Baker extraordinaire reached into her past to highlight the best of the morning meal.
NeuFutur: Lemon Jail
Though over the years there have been a lot of great books written about The Replacements (the best, being Bob Mehr’s Trouble Boys), Lemon Jail is a must-read for any Replacements’ fans; it’s deeply personal and a fun ride.
The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen wins 2018 James Beard Foundation Book Award
The rarely discussed Replacements side project that was fronted by their roadie.
Bill Sullivan has been the tour manager for a number of acts, including Bright Eyes, Yo La Tengo, Soul Asylum, and Syl Johnson. But it all began with the Replacements. Sullivan worked as a roadie for the group, from their first tour in 1983 through their 1989 trek opening for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. His duties included hauling amps, keeping rowdy fans off the stage, and finding places for the entourage to crash.
Gothic Camp: The Beales of East Hampton
Nod to the chapter on Grey Gardens in SPECTACLE OF PROPERTY.
Star Tribune: Unearthing the grass-roots origins of the postwar reforms to Minnesota’s mental health system.