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Book reviews collection for homepage

Books & Ideas feature on Alondra Nelson
Books & Ideas interviews Alondra Nelson, author of BODY AND SOUL, on race and health in America.
Discorder: Textually Active
Discorder reviews Paul Metsa's memoir BLUE GUITAR HIGHWAY.
Cineaste reviews Dream Factories of a Former Colony
"Before anything, I’d like to say that José B. Capino’s Dream Factories of a Former Colony: American Fantasies, Philippine Cinema, is a precious gem, a resource of great value."
ForeWord reviews The Face of America
The Face of America: Plays for Young People, published with the Minneapolis Children's Theatre Company, reviewed in ForeWord.
ForeWord reviews How To Do Things with Videogames
"You have no idea what videogames are, or what they can do" -- ForeWord on Ian Bogost's new book How To Do Things with Videogames.
Publishers Weekly reviews Blue Guitar Highway
Blue Guitar Highway, a memoir by Minnesota legendary musician Paul Metsa, reviewed in Publishers Weekly.
Minnesota's lost architectural gems: MPR interviews Larry Millett
Author Larry Millett makes an appearance on Midday to discuss Minnesota's lost architectural gems.
Jadaliyya interviews Ahmed Kanna (Dubai, the City as Corporation)
Author Ahmed Kanna discusses his new book, DUBAI, THE CITY AS CORPORATION, and current projects with Jadaliyya.
New York State School Boards Association discusses Police in the Hallways
Kathleen Nolan's POLICE IN THE HALLWAYS (which "impressively dissects" Mayor Bloomberg's "Impact Schools Initiative") discussed and analyzed by the New York State School Boards Association.
Cuban Art News interviews Rachel Weiss
Rachel Weiss is a professor of arts administration and policy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, who has been traveling to Cuba, and writing about Cuban art, since 1986. Her book, To and From Utopia in the New Cuban Art, was published earlier this year by the University of Minnesota Press. Cuban Art News recently spoke with Weiss about the book, and about contemporary Cuban art in general.
Areavoices blog/Fargo Forum reviews Through No Fault of My Own
I’m not terribly nosy by nature. I don’t (often) eavesdrop on others’ conversations; I don’t delight in the details of strangers’ dramas; and I certainly don’t go around reading other peoples’ diaries. Well, that is, until I picked up Clotilde Irvine’s.
Creative Loafing Atlanta interviews Ian Bogost
Ian Bogost reveals How to Do Things With Videogames
Documentary based on "Pink Ribbons, Inc." to show at Toronto International Film Festival
The documentary "Pink Ribbons, Inc." by Quebec filmmaker Lea Pool is based on UMP's book of the same name by Samantha King.
H-Net reviews The Reification of Desire
Queering Reification: A Look at Kevin Floyd's The Reification of Desire, published on H-Net Reviews's H-Histsex, August 2011.
Kathy Rudy's LOVING ANIMALS in the New Yorker
The New Yorker looks at the long relationship between human and dog, with commentary on Kathy Rudy's Loving Animals.
Learning Curve: Making students feel like criminals
Author Kathleen Nolan (Police in the Hallways): Police in schools can make it feel like prison .
Sons of Norway Blog: Nordic Heritage Inspires Author
Interview with Eric Dregni (VIKINGS IN THE ATTIC)
POV/PBS excerpts from The Opposite of Cold in connection with documentary "Steam of Life"
POV/PBS documentary STEAM OF LIFE debuts Aug. 3rd. In connection with this documentary, POV/PBS has excerpted text and photos from THE OPPOSITE OF COLD by Michael Nordskog, with photograph by Aaron Hautala.
MPR: Poet Robert Bly looks forward and back
MPR interview with Robert Bly mentions our new book ROBERT BLY IN THIS WORLD.
Ian Bogost: Why Debates About Video Games Aren't Really About Video Games
Ian Bogost, author of HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES, writes a guest editorial in Kotaku.