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Book reviews collection for homepage

Counterpunch: Allen Ginsberg Takes a Trip
When poet Allen Ginsberg journeyed to Cuba, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Britain in 1964, homosexuality was illegal in most of the world. So was marijuana.
Kirkus Reviews: Chronicles of a Radical Hag is "a pleasure to read."
Lorna Landvik uses wisdom and her trademark humor to encourage readers to have a thoughtful response to the world and the people with whom they share it.
LA Review of Books: When Looks Can Kill
On Antoine Bousquet's THE EYE OF WAR.
Kirkus Reviews: "A forthright and sensitive tale of a daughter's quest."
A young woman crosses a cultural divide in search of her past.
Tablet: Allen Ginsberg Goes Behind the Iron Curtain
Newly edited travel journals from 1965 show the poet infatuated and disillusioned with communist Cuba, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, and Poland
Screening Sex: Lewd Looks
Elena Gorfinkel’s Lewd Looks: American Sexploitation Cinema in the 1960s maps the visual and industrial cultures of 1960s and 1970s American sexploitation cinema.
Publishers Weekly: Kerlan Collection Adapts 2013 'The ABC of It' Exhibition
The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter
Feature at continuum: news from @umnlib.
e-flux excerpt: Information Fantasies
A cosmological view that was formed and developed around the last three centuries BC, when a unified and centralized political order arose for the first time in the history of China, “resonance between heaven and mankind” provided legitimacy and guidance to the imperial power and its rulership.
Advocate: Iron Curtain Journals a "must-read"
This work is a must-read for those looking to better understand Ginsberg and his times.
"A masterpiece of poetry and prose."
Ideal nighttime stories for children: Seven Ways to Trick a Troll
On moving forward: Isabelle Day Refuses to Die of a Broken Heart
The mighty Metropolitan Building comes back to life
Architectural historian Larry Millett reveals the history of a long-lost Minneapolis landmark in his new book, "Metropolitan Dreams."
Trans — a legacy of change
Dallas Voice: New books explain long history in the understanding of gender identity.
Chicago Review of Books' Best Nature Writing of 2018
Includes Nicole Seymour's BAD ENVIRONMENTALISM.
Popmatters: 80 Best Books of 2018
Includes Evelyne Grossman's THE ANGUISH OF THOUGHT.
Lavender Magazine: Gay, Inc.
A thought-provoking work that leads to no easy solutions while raising many questions about wealth and privilege within the GLBT community itself. Consider the subtitle.
The Guardian: Six of 2018's best new books about video games
Includes Aubrey Anable's PLAYING WITH FEELINGS.
Recipes at WPR: Almond Palmiers, Italian Almond Cookies, Devil's Delight Cookies
Choice recipes from THE GREAT MINNESOTA COOKIE BOOK reprinted at Wisconsin Public Radio.