What Type of College for What Type of Student


Albert B. Hood and Edward O. Swanson

What Type of College for What Type of Student was first published in 1965.

High school and college guidance counselors and college administrators and admissions officers will find pertinent and useful information in this study. The author reports on a comprehensive survey of more than 12,000 graduates of Minnesota high schools who went on to various types of Minnesota colleges. Scholastic achievement in the freshman year of college is examined in relation to high school scholastic achievement and according to the type of college attended - public university, Catholic college (men’s or women’s), private liberal arts college, public state college, public or private junior college - in an effort to determine in what type of college a certain type of student will do best. The analysis takes into account such factors as high school rank, scores on the Minnesota Scholastic Aptitude Test, and socioeconomic and personality data. In light of the findings, certain reforms in college grading systems are suggested.

This is No. 14, Minnesota Studies in Student Personnel Work, of which E.G. Williamson is series editor.

Albert B. Hood is Professor Emeritus of educational psychology at the University of Iowa.

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