Vocational Interest Measurement

Theory and Practice


John G. Darley and Theda Hagenah

Many years of clinical experience at the University of Minnesota, using the Strong Vocational Interest Bank in counseling services, form the basis for this book. The work will help other counselors to understand the meaning of the interest scores which they obtain with this test. In successive chapters, the authors discuss the meaning of work and jobs in our society, deal with the anatomy of interests, analyze interest patterns and outline a normative framework for their system of analysis, discuss personality factors as related to interests, review theories of origin and development of interests, and illustrate the use of interest measurement in counseling through a series of case studies. A volume in the Minnesota Library on Student Personnel Work.

John G. Darley was Professor of Psychology, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, and Director of the Student Counseling Bureau at the University of Minnesota.

Theda Hagenah was Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Assistant Director of the Student Counseling Bureau at Minnesota.

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